miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Nuevo boletin del Argentinian Independient

Welcome to The Argentina Independent’s Weekly Newsletter!

Launched in 2006, The Argentina Independent is the resource for English speakers wanting to better understand Argentina. With four and a half years, 60 editions printed and a massive re-brand under our belt, we are now launching a weekly newsletter, aimed at informing readers of the pick of our contents, a summary of the best events to catch over the coming days and much, much more!

And whilst you are browsing, don’t forget to check out the hilarious Adrian with his 'Thoughts of a Foreigner' blog, including a weekly news roundup which should help any foreigner hold their own in a current affairs competition. And football-crazy Dan who summarises the matches and scandals of the Argentine league in his 'A Week’s a Long Time in Fútbol' blog. Happy reading!



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